More Than Just a CRM

G3NESIS streamlines your business operations and expands your customer reach, providing seamless lead integration and process optimization through our tailored partner program.


Leads Integration: Seamlessly integrate leads from your website into your CRM system through our custom forms, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Comprehensive Software Suite: Elevate your business operations with full access to our software suite, including a CRM for customer relationship management, Route IQ for optimized scheduling, Inventory Management to keep track of your resources, and Invoicing for streamlined billing processes.

Preferred Partners Spotlight: Stand out on our platform with a dedicated landing page featuring your business. This visibility on our website includes a dedicated page to showcase your services and geographical location, distinguishing you in the competitive market.

Customized Branding: Maintain your brand identity with customized forms on your website, featuring your logo and tailored messaging to resonate with your audience.

Seamless Scheduling & Route Optimization with RouteIQ: Simply filter to the current week, Use the Lasso feature to circle over the cluster of jobs you want to complete for the day, Create Route, and Choose a start and end point for the day.


How it Works

1. Prospect Engagement:  Visitors to your website can easily submit their information through a customized form.
2. CRM Integration: This information is directly fed into your CRM, ensuring efficient lead management.
3. From Quote to Completion: Our system helps facilitate the entire process from initial quote generation to job creation, including optimized routing, time and material tracking, and maintenance requests, all through a streamlined, automated workflow.

Estimate Process Step 2

Watch the demo below to learn more on our prospect-to-customer journey!

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