If you’re crazy enough to get up on your roof and hang your Christmas lights, at least let us help you do it safely! Safety is our #1 priority.

See this guy right here? This is Gato (Spanish for cat). You may ask, “How did he get that nickname?” Well, it’s because he can climb a roof like no other! He’s been with Let There Be Light since their first installation in 2009.

Gato has definitely earned his title as a Professional Christmas Light Installer. He filled us in on a few rules to follow before using a ladder to hang your Christmas lights!

  1. Make sure all the feet of the ladder are on a flat and sturdy surface before climbing.
  2. If you are using an extension ladder, this is the safest angle to have: stand at the edge of the ladder and stick your hands out, the ladder should be grip-distance from your hands.
  3. The rungs MUST be flat when you climb.
    If they are not, you need to reposition your ladder.
  4. Positioning an extension ladder: Place the ladder 3 rungs past the roof. Be cautious of leaning against a gutter, it may slide. If you lean it against a peak, it anchors it. If a ladder is extended all the way, DO NOT max out the weight limit
  5. Always have a second person with you to help lower the ladder and in case you get hurt.