The age-old question that many homeowners face is: “Should I use incandescent or LED lights for Christmas decoration?” LED and incandescent lights have pros and cons, including overall cost, energy efficiency, longevity, and safety. Continue reading to discover the correct type of holiday lighting for your home:

Overall Cost

Both incandescent and LED holiday lights come at a cost. While incandescent lights are less expensive, they don’t last as long as their LED counterparts. With LED lighting, you don’t have to worry about bulbs burning out as frequently as other types or breaking, which helps justify the higher price point. When properly cared for, LED lights can last much longer than incandescent lights, making the switch to LED worthwhile.

Energy Efficiency

Incandescent lighting has dominated the holiday lighting industry for many years, but LEDs have completely changed the game when it comes to energy efficiency. Homeowners avoiding high energy bills this holiday season should consider switching their incandescent lighting to LED. In fact, LED lighting has been shown to use 75% less energy and last much longer than incandescent lighting.


Incandescent lights used to be the brightest form of Christmas lighting on the market. However, modern LED lighting is made to be much brighter than before, and can mimic the classic look of incandescent lighting. At Let There Be Light, we offer commercial-grade C7 LED lights which give off a traditional warm white hue. Since LED lights are made of plastic instead of glass bulbs, they require much less maintenance and upkeep than incandescent. But the benefits don’t stop there; LED lights have been proven to last 10x longer than incandescent lights, making them the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a good investment.


While both incandescent and LED holiday lights are safe Christmas decorations, LED lights are safer for prolonged usage, as the lights do not heat up like incandescents. LED lights stay cool to the touch, even when left on for hours, making them a safer option for household use. Incandescent lights use glass bulbs, which can pose a safety hazard if they shatter or fall. LED lights are made of plastic, which are less likely to break and cause injury.

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