First of all, props to you for being a D.I.Y. type-a-guy. Us elves are quite the workers, but once we leave the workshop, we are checked out for the day.

Before the modern era, if you wanted Christmas lights you had to do them yourself. It’s honestly a tedious and quite dangerous job. That’s why so many families are choosing to let Let There Be Light take care of all their Christmas lighting needs.

If you wanted to just stick to the basics, here is a list of materials, time, and equipment needed to put up Christmas lights on the rooflines only (based on the average house size):

  • 200ft of Socketed Wire
  • 200 LED Bulbs
  • Around 50-100ft of power wire
  • 200 C7 Roof Clips
  • 5-10 of each male & female plugs
  • Digital Timer
  • 24ft Extension Ladder
  • 1-2 full days for prepping & installation (about an entire weekend)

As one of Santa’s prominent elves, I truly don’t have the time, effort, and knowledge to do this myself. I really don’t want to waste an entire weekend just to have to call the Electrician Elf to come fix my mess of an attempt at Christmas lights.

So I will say it again for the elves in the back, make your life easier and text Let There Be Light. They know the deal, they are the professionals.

Without the proper training, many fire & safety hazards are possible. If you do choose to do it yourself, please educate on ladder, roof, & electric safety.