Let me introduce myself, my name is Buddy, and I am one of Santa’s elves from the North Pole. I think we can all agree, Christmas is the best holiday of the year. I may be biased, but come on, it’s CHRISTMAS! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

But, with Christmas, comes a lot of headaches. First, you have to find a gift for each family member, co-worker, close friend, and loved-one. You also have to prepare the inside of your home: Christmas tree, decorations, and most importantly the milk and cookies for Santa. Then comes the dangerous one, the outdoor Christmas lights.

Personally, I live in a 3-story ginger bread house in the North Pole (Santa pays a nice wage), and there’s no way you’re going to see me climbing an extension ladder up to the roof to hang my Christmas lights. I’m definitely not risking it, and neither should you.

Now you may ask, “Why even bother including outdoor Christmas lights to my list of things to do?”

Well, my friends, it’s because they’re MAGICAL. Plus it takes a little pressure off Rudolph if it’s foggy out. Picture the taxi lights on the landing strip at an airport, kind of the same thing, but for Santa’s sleigh. There’s no way Santa can miss your home with some brightly shining Christmas lights outlining your rooflines!

So what’s the solution here? No need to worry, I have some friends that can help. They go by the name of Let There Be Light- their name is so fitting, isn’t it? These guys are professional Christmas light decorators who know how to get the job done. Just shoot them over a text message and their crew will take great care of you!