Being an Elf, Christmas is obviously my favorite Holiday! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Christmas Lights
This may have been a given, but I still have to acknowledge the most beautiful aspect of Christmas! Christmas lights bring a burst of serotonin through my toes all the way to my pointy ears.

2. Christmas Songs
Who doesn’t love Christmas music?! For some people it can be a bit much, but honestly it only brings me joy!

3. Family Gatherings
Getting together with family and loved ones is a very special occasion. Thanks to Christmas, I get to see all my extended family for a fun-filled afternoon!

4. The Goodies
Christmas season calls for all the festive goodies! Between sugar cookies and gingerbread, I really can’t pick my favorite.

5. Santa
Although I get to see Santa almost everyday at work, I still cannot contain the excitement I get when we comes on Christmas Eve! Always remember to leave out cookies and milk- and maybe some carrots for the reindeer too!